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Consultancy Agreements: They Have You Covered!

Broadly speaking, a consultant is a person with expertise, skills and knowledge in a particular area, who works as an advisor, or to complete a specific project, for another business or individual.

There has been a boom in the number of people opting to work as consultants – and their fields of operation are diverse, for example:-

Hiring a consultant can mean access to skills you may not have.
You can easily customise your own Consultancy Agreement to be used as the foundation of your business relationships.

Hiring a consultant gives businesses access to specialised skills and expertise that they may not have within their own organisation. 

Hiring a consultant also avoids the considerable tax and administrative costs that are part and parcel of hiring and preserving regular employees.

If you are a consultant, you should ensure you have proper procedures and systems in place to streamline your work practices and to maintain and organise work and clients. One of your main tools as a consultant should be a Consultancy Agreement. 

You can customise your own Consultancy Agreement to be used as the foundation of your business relationships.  This ensures both you and your client understand upfront all of the pertinent details relating to the work to be completed, your rates (whether you will charge per hour or per project or on some other basis), any additional expenses that may arise and other relevant information.

A Consultancy Agreement:-

Thus, since the consultancy agreement provides you with legitimate, extra judicial means of dispute resolution and contract termination, you can save on legal costs if the relationship breaks down.

Know what to expect and when to expect it

Your Consultancy Agreement may contain a schedule listing the consultant's responsibilities.  This breaks down the output needed of the consultant into tangible deliverables with definite deadlines.
You will know exactly what you can expect from the consultant and when to expect it. This gives you the ability to confidently plan other projects which you can work around.

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