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Flexible Employment Contract

Employers and employees need not adhere strictly to requirements set out in an Award. 

flexible employmement agreement
Flexible employment agreements allow the terms set out by a modern award to be changed provided the employee is better off overall. A Fairwork compliant contract is essential in this circumstance.

Flexible working arrangements can be implemented which benefit both the employer and the employee.  These are called Individual Flexibility Contracts.

In Australia, the Fair Work Act allows employers and employees to be flexible in their working arrangements and deviate from the set terms and conditions of normal awards.

Flexible terms are only allowed if the employee is better off overall having regard to the employees personal circumstances.

Being flexible in a way that better accommodates employee’s personal needs, contributes greatly to higher job satisfaction and makes the job more attractive – helping to attract and retain staff and reduce turnover.

For example, suppose that under an Award, an employee had to work her minimum of eight hours per day, with working hours between 8.30-5pm.  She can ask for the working hours to be adjusted to 7:00-3:30 so that she can meet her personal obligations to collect her children from school.  This is of great personal benefit to the employee and of value to her so that she considers herself better off overall as regards to her particular circumstances.

What terms can be varied under the agreement?

You can vary the following terms under modern awards:-

Remember, the employee must be better off overall.

If you and your employee have agreed to enter into an Australian Individual Flexibility Agreement, it needs to be in writing and signed by both parties.

It will also need to comply with the Fair Work Act and National Employment Standards.

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moreYou can download your own Fair Work Act compliant Individual Flexibility Agreement Kit.